About Finance In The City

Welcome to Finance In The City, a blog about being financially conscious while living in one of the most expensive places in the US. This blog is not written by someone with a trust fund or huge inheritance nor is it written by someone who has amassed millions of dollars by the age of 21. Finance In The City is meant to cater to the every day professional enjoying all that living in a major city has to offer while also being faced with life’s financial decisions. Don’t get the wrong idea though. Finance In The City is not about pinching every penny or being frugal. Rather, this blog is about embracing all that life has to offer while taking the steps necessary to maximize the ability to enjoy these experiences over one’s lifetime. This is simply my story and how I am doing it.


About Me

Hi, my name is Jay. I currently work at a tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in the near by in the East Bay cities of Oakland and Berkeley, California. My parents were Asian immigrants and I was raised in your standard middle class Asian home. Growing up, I enjoyed a normal upbringing without knowing any luxuries. Oddly enough, I was content, having never known anything else. It wasn’t until college, when I moved in with students from well to do families, that I developed an appetite for name brands and lavish living – the finer things in life. Unfortunately for me, every dollar spent was a dollar I had to earn myself. Now, as a young adult in a big city, I find myself balancing my appetite for nice things with developing a sound financial future. Finance In The City chronicles how I am doing this.  I hope that in reading about my successes and my failures, it will inspire you in your own pursuit of happiness.

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