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Grammarly Review: Instantly Become A Better Writer

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As a blogger, I am constantly writing as my thoughts are moving at a thousand miles per hour. As such you can imagine trying to get the words on paper, let alone having it all come out grammatically correct, is quite the challenge at times. I am not saying that I am slow and cannot write correctly, but it isn’t hard to overlook things while everything wants to come out at once. Recently, I came across a great tool called Grammarly which solves this problem for me, all passively in the background (once you’ve installed the browser plugin). Essentially, what it is is, exactly what it sounds like, a tool or platform for grammar and spell checking online as well as other document types. I use it hugely for my online blog writing. In addition to grammar and spell checking, Grammarly also has other powerful tools such as plagiarism checking.

Grammarly Versions

There are two versions, a free version, and a paid version. The free version is very basic and gives you 150 critical grammar and spell checking points. Where the product shines is with the paid version which further advances the basic grammar and spell checking and adds other feature rich enhancements. Below is the chart of feature comparisons from Grammarly’s website.

Finance In The City | Grammarly Plans


Grammarly offers a number of pricing options. If you can commit to a year-long subscription, the price becomes very manageable. The free product is, of course, no cost, nada, zip. Moving on up to the premium version will cost you $29.95 a month however if you prepay quarterly, the cost comes down to $19.98 a month. If you decide to go at it for the long haul and commit to a prepaid year, the monthly cost works out to a discounted $11.66 a month. I think this is the best option and brings the product into an accessible range for most people.

Personal Experience

I’ve been using the premium version for a couple of weeks now and have found it to be very useful, especially while blogging. I am actually using it as I write this post. Just by installing the plugin, it automatically integrates with WordPress (my blogging platform) very well. As you can see from the image below, it provides suggestions as I type and there is also a nifty Grammarly indicator/status icon in the bottom corner of my text box. Pretty cool in my opinion.

Finance In The City | Grammarly Spell Check


Finance In The City | Grammarly Corner Status

Furthermore, you can also “deep dive” into your content for further suggestions. This is especially helpful on the grammar part. What this does is brings your text into a “flyout” type lightbox where it gives you deeper advice on your writing. Below is an example of the box.

Finance In The City | Grammarly flyout


So far I’ve been mainly using Grammarly for blogging and it’s been very helpful and unobtrusive. For that, I’d give it a two thumbs up. I have yet to take advantage of all of its features but the bulk of my writing consist of blogging. As for the price, $29.95 a month is a little hard to justify unless your profession is centered around writing. An example I could think of is a teacher using the plagiarism checker on student work. With that being said, if you can prepay for a year, the product is totally worth $11.66 a month. My advice is to try the free product and then decide if you are going to utilize the platform. The premium version does make the free version look bare-bones. Maybe trying a month or a quarter before committing to a year might be the best way to go. To give Grammarly a try, you can simply sign up here for free.


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